Finally some hats

Not that I haven’t been knitting them, just not posting them.  Here are two hats I knit last month.  The challenge from Wool-Aid was to knit something from their pattern store.  All the patterns are designed by Wool-Aid members.  I had actually already knit most of them already.  So hat #35 in my 50 hat pattern project is The Bob Hat by Yarndar.  free pattern This hat has nice ear/back of neck coverage.   In my quest to try to use up partials/single skeins/languishing stash I used 2 yarns I’ve had for a long time.  One was a 50/50 wool alpaca blend that is super soft in a sort of strange taupe/gray color ( so not my color!) and the other was one of my first attempts at yarn dyeing.  It is Lion fisherman’s wool that I used grape Kool-Aid to dye.  I didn’t use enough dye for the wool and got a rather pale lavender color.


And here’s the finished hat

The bad thing is I have enough yarn left for another hat. It was supposed to use up both partials…sigh.

Hat # 36 is Gnarly by Otterwise. Another free pattern. I knit this with Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted. I love this vibrant turquoise color.


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First daffodil

My very first daffodil is in bloom!  Picture is a little blurry, it was a bit windy.  Old fall garden detritus in the background.

Of course I mean the first daffodil this spring, I have planted hundreds over the years.

Inside the house more get well flowers.  They help to console me as I have my 20th bowl of soup…


And because when the spring gardening items come out in stores I go a little crazy, 16 lily bulbs and 20 dahlias.


Every year I say I’m going to start keeping track of how much I spend for the yard.  Every year I don’t, because I really don’t think I want to know.


I’m so behind on posting knitting pictures….


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Thrifty Thursday, Vera Bradley

I went to the outlets a couple weeks ago with my sister, mostly to meet my niece for lunch for her 19th birthday since it is near her college.  Didn’t buy much but did get some great deals at Vera.  My friend Claudia told me they are discontinuing my wallet.  So upsetting!  I love the zip around wallet.  You can actually zip your keys and phone inside and just carry the wallet if you want to.   I have one in Bermuda pink I’ve been using for years that is starting to look quite worn.  I had bought a Twirly Birds Pink as a replacement a while ago at  the outlet but hadn’t started using it yet.  I mean how worn is too worn to use a wallet?  The pattern /fabric has dulled but they are no actual wear spots or holes yet….  I digress.  So I bought 3 more zip around wallets  while I can still get them ( and not have to pay big bucks on EBAY once everyone else wants one too).  Not my favorite patterns but I do like them all.  And I had to go with what my choices were at the outlet.  I bought a Baroque, Purple Punch, and Plum Petals.  They were seriously discounted and I bought the 3 wallets for $35.60 ( less than full retail for one!).

I also bought a zip case for my iPad.  It’s Priscilla Pink.    I had looked in a few stores for one but the only one I really liked was $50, and I sure didn’t want to spend that!   So I bought this one for around $15.00.

The little zip case is a Sun Valley case was an add on for my sister’s birthday presents that she picked out. She also picked some presents for herself at Gap and Ann Taylor Loft. Great way to do birthday shopping, she picked out and tried on, I paid! Sure to get things she likes that way right?

And the big disappointment of the day? The Williams Sonoma outlet is gone!! : (

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Signs of spring

The first crocuses are blooming. Tulips and daffodils are getting taller daily….





And inside the house, get well flowers.  : )


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Not so Thrifty Thursday

Yep, all over again.  $2,500 at the oral surgeons this week.  So not thrifty!


Pudding, soup blech…..  And using vacation time for this,  Ugh.

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First day of spring


Yesterday was the first day of spring and look at my daffodils, they are just starting to peek out.


And the tulips are barely breaking ground here.


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Thrifty Thursday


Latest Pyrex find.  Honestly I’m not in love with the pattern, but it was only $3 and the cover alone would sell for $2ish  around here, so I bought it.  I have others  this size that need a cover!  The pattern is called Terra Cotta Rose and it was a promotional piece from Autumn 1978.  474 casserole, 1 1/2 liter size.


I didn’t forget about the hats, I have to take some pictures!

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Irish Soda Bread

Happy St Patrick’s Day! No, I’m not irish, but that didn’t stop me from making Irish Soda Bread to bring to work on Sunday. I am much more likely to bring treats on Sunday than Saturday, not sure why that is. Maybe because when I was a child Sunday was sometimes doughnut treat day? This is the recipe I used. I doubled it, and made 2 large breads and 1 tiny one in a 7″ pie plate ( to keep for me! ) I don’t think it is really traditional because there is sour cream in it. But it is good. Better with a bit of butter smeared on your piece, but not really necessary. I used less raisins ( used some currants too). 3 cups seems an awful lot for one bread. I also left out the caraway seeds as I didn’t have any.



Americana Pyrex!  I am such a messy baker.   Why the strainer?  I let the currants/raisins soak and needed to drain them.  See, Tupperware, Pyrex, and Kitchen Aid mixer, and a glimpse of vintage linen dishcloth in the same shot, so many things I love!


Into the I need cleaning so badly oven….

Finished product.


And my little bread


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Running out of yarn


Seriously, this is how many stitches were left to bind off when I ran out of yarn.  Can you feel my pain?  I did have another skein, but really!

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Thrifty Thursday

Because I hope spring will be here soon, even though it snowed last night,  here’s a spring Thrifty Thursday.


That’s right, gardening gloves!  They were at Costco, $7 for 6 pairs after instant manufacturers rebate.  Excellent price and I love these gloves.  I only have 2 pairs and they get gross when you are wearing them for long projects.  After you take them off ( for lunch, maybe to change the soundtrack you’re listening to or whatever) you don’t want to put the same pair back on.  Why?  Well, they get a little damp inside.  Kind of like trying to put on your nitrile gloves at work if your hands are not completely dry after you just washed them.  They  stick.  Plain cotton gloves are this price too, and they don’t last at all.  Just got my White Flower Farm 2014 catalog, so spring is definitely in the air!

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