The Hogsmeade Hat and an incentive to knit it and then donate it

I’ve got my first pattern ready to put on Ravelry, it is hat #50, also called the Hogsmeade Hat, because if you are going to visit Hogsmeade, you need a warm woolen hat!  I wanted to design a very easy quick knit that one could use multiple options when it came to yarn choice, while using the same size needle and the same stitch counts.  There are four sizes. And I like quick results so I designed it using super bulky yarn.  Other pattern  options include using aran yarn held doubled or worsted held tripled.  Lastly I did a test knit using smaller needles and regular bulky yarn, which worked with a few minor adjustments.  The whole goal of this was just “hats that will fit someone” for donation to Wool-Aid or your favorite charity.

009 - CopyThese are the four sizes in the superbulky option.  The largest hat which is 60 stitches is quite large, but looks good on a smaller head tilted back and worn loosely  (2nd hat from the right in this picture).

013 - Copy

019 (2)

The green one is a triple worsted version.

018 (2)

This is the regular Lamb’s Pride Bulky version.

039These are the superbulky hats.


These are the doubled aran hats.  As you can see there are a couple different brim variations you can use.


Tripled worsted versions.

So incentive you say?

How about this awesome Yarn Chicken tote bag?  009


Bag is a light weight canvas bag.  Straps are long enough to go over your shoulder.  There is a key fob on the inside.  No pockets.  Bag measures approx 17″ wide by 13″ high by 5 1/2″ deep.

How do you win a chance to win this bag?  You need to knit a Hogsmeade hat and post a project page with a picture on Ravelry by Sept 30th.  You must promise to donate your hat to Wool-Aid and send it in by the end of 2014.  Your project must be tagged Hogsmeadehatforwoolaid2014  the prize will be randomly drawn from projects which meet this criteria.  If you post more than one finished hat and put each hat on it’s own project page you get more than one entry.  Knit 5 hats and have 5 project pages?  5 entries.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Wool-Aid, at least 80% wool/alpaca/similar natural fiber is required.  No acrylic content at all.  Here is the Wool-Aid page for further information.  And here is the Wool-Aid group on Ravelry.


I am now going to attempt to put the pattern on Ravelry, wish me luck!  I will edit this post once that is complete.

Shocker-It actually worked!  Link to pattern on Ravelry




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It’s done, hat #50

I  have finished knitting 50 different hat patterns in the past year.  I did finish before my 50th birthday!  Here’s hat # 50, more on this pattern in a separate post.

013 - CopyHere’s a picture of all the hats that I have left in my possession.  Time to get measuring and tagging to send them to Wool-Aid.


Out of the 50 hats I kept one for myself, Foliage, hat # 26.  I gifted 5,   Ariosa Pom Pom hat #24,  Picholine Hat #22, Teapot hat #20, Bend hat #16 and Checker Rib hat #3 to my nieces and nephews.  Two hats went to the local 500 hats project in honor of Dr Seuss.  That leaves 45 hats for Wool-Aid, and if you are wondering at that math, there were a few hats I knit more than one of.

Some of these patterns will be knit again, some will never see the light of day again.  All in all it was an interesting experience.  I am definitely more skilled at cabling without a cable needle than I was a year ago.


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Hat # 48

It seems I forgot to post hat #48.  Here it is.


This one is  That Easy Guernsey Hat by Christine Roy.  The first hat I knit was with Lamb’s Pride worsted, which is in a perverse way, actually an aran weight.  It is knit flat and seamed.  I thought I could use the practice seaming.    I do not like to have to seam items, and I did not enjoy the process.  The hat turned out quite a bit smaller than I thought it would, so I reknit it in Lamb’s Pride bulky, in the round this time of course!  I liked the textures of the hat and will knit it again.   Both were knit for Wool-Aid.

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Hat # 49

I’ve been lax in posting knitting pictures.  Here is hat #49.  It is called Bulletproof Aran by Chuck Wright and is knit in Northampton yarn.  This was a really fun knit, a bit of a challenge but not so challenging as to annoy me.  It is a paid pattern but very well written.   It was knit for Wool-Aid.   I will make this pattern again.  I just have to grit my teeth to get through the ribbing, which is never my favorite part of a project.




I’ve been knitting my felted mittens using scraps, pictures soon!

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Thrifty Thursday

This week I had 2 little finds.  These adorable vintage looking recipe cards….


They were only 50 cents.  Aren’t they sweet?

I also bought this dish towel.  I had not found a new linen dish towel in quite a while so I was happy to see it there.  It’s from Sturbridge Village, by Robert Wert.  I have several of his designs which I really like.  This one is not as pretty, but I have been to Old Sturbridge Village so it was a nice surprise to see it.


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Oven Roasted Beets

I bought some beets at the farm stand.  I’d never roasted them before so wanted to give it a try.  Problem is, when I googled it, all the recipes instructed you to peel them after they were roasted, most had you wrapping them in foil to roast.  That just sounded like too much work, and with my luck I’d burn myself.  So I figured I ‘d just try it my way, what did I have to lose?  $2.50 worth of beets.  I peeled them while raw against all instructions.  Aren’t they beautiful!!



Then I cubed them, and tossed them with olive oil, salt and some chopped onion in a 13 x 9 pan.

012I cooked them at 425 degrees for about 45 min uncovered.  I stirred them once in the middle of the bake time.  They shrunk down quite a bit in volume.

025They were absolutely yummy!  The only thing I would change is next time I would cut much bigger onion chunks as the little pieces burned a bit.


Don’t worry, all that beet juice washed right off my hands and cutting board!  Such a pretty color.




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Thrifty Thursday

This thrifty Thursday is probably going to be boring for you.  Me, I was pretty excited.  Many of the Pyrex casseroles I find are without covers.  But low and behold I found 4 covers at Goodwill in the same trip!  I have matching pieces for all these covers.  And I only paid $5 for the 4 covers which is an excellent price.



I also bought a pie plate for only $1.  I had pretty much sworn off pie plates because I have so many, but at that price I couldn’t leave it there.  It will be good to bake a gift in and give the plate as part of the gift so the person doesn’t have to return it.   But really, who am I kidding, in my experience you get your dish back less than 50% of the time.  That goes for most things that get loaned out doesn’t it?


I have pretty much sworn off buying cotton yarn when it is on sale at Michaels or AC Moore too.  But this lovely red cake was only 50 cents.  I do want to make some dish cloths as add on gifts for Christmas.  Of course I said that last Christmas too!   I knit a few, but I wanted a big stack so I saved those.  I still have 4 months…..

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The Farm Stand

If I were a poet I would write an ode to the local farm stand.  Delicious, convenient and it keeps me out of the grocery store where potato chips and New York Super Fudge Chunk lurk.   It’s a beautiful place.




This is what I took home recently.  Those tiny local plums are so sweet!  And the native blueberries are the bomb.  The corn?  Drool worthy.

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Thrifty Thursday


This week I found 2 skeins of Lamb’s Pride for $1.00 each!  Retail that’s about $18.00.  You all know how I love my Lamb’s Pride.

In other purchases, I decided I needed another pair or 11 DPN’s in metal.  I have one already, and one set in Bamboo.  But I do not love the bamboo, they are not as slick and it slows my knitting down.  I am currently knitting mittens to be fulled with my big bag of Lopi scraps and partials.  I like to have 2 pairs of needles   because I am trying to split the yarn between the pairs and am knitting some of each mitten as I go along instead of finishing one and starting another.  I am also using my Escali scale to help split the balls.  They look a little funny now, but they’ll improve upon fulling!  More on this project later.



So needles, $6.99 , used 50% off coupon, then used the rest of my Christmas gift certificate.   Price paid?  About $1.50.


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Thrifty Thursday

Yes, I know it’s Friday.

This week was puzzle week.  I see puzzles all the time.  For me to buy them they need to be either new and relatively inexpensive or of  high quality , like Ravensburger Puzzles.  Do I make puzzles?  Well, once in a while.  But they are sort of a time sucking vortex.  Before you know it you have 6 days worth of dishes in the sink, no clean underwear and a finished puzzle.  And no knitting progress made.  So who do I buy the puzzles for?  Mom and Dad like to make them in the winter.  Mom is so clean and well organized she would never leave dishes in the sink for 10 minutes, let alone days.

I found these at Goodwill and Savers this week. That’s 5,850 pieces of jigsaw puzzle… Total price?   $14.

Average price for one new 1000 piece Ravensburger puzzle?  Around $17.



And what did I see that I had to force myself not to buy at Goodwill?  Pink sequins, only $2 for the whole reel.  Man, I could do some really girly stuff with that!  A four year old would love it.




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