Thrifty Thursday

Yes, I know it’s Friday.

This week was puzzle week.  I see puzzles all the time.  For me to buy them they need to be either new and relatively inexpensive or of  high quality , like Ravensburger Puzzles.  Do I make puzzles?  Well, once in a while.  But they are sort of a time sucking vortex.  Before you know it you have 6 days worth of dishes in the sink, no clean underwear and a finished puzzle.  And no knitting progress made.  So who do I buy the puzzles for?  Mom and Dad like to make them in the winter.  Mom is so clean and well organized she would never leave dishes in the sink for 10 minutes, let alone days.

I found these at Goodwill and Savers this week. That’s 5,850 pieces of jigsaw puzzle… Total price?   $14.

Average price for one new 1000 piece Ravensburger puzzle?  Around $17.



And what did I see that I had to force myself not to buy at Goodwill?  Pink sequins, only $2 for the whole reel.  Man, I could do some really girly stuff with that!  A four year old would love it.




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It’s so tiny! Hat #47


It’s hat #47. The Milagro Baby Hat ( free pattern) knit in Aslan Trends Del Cerro. It’s merino, and super soft. I think it will fit a 3-6 mo size baby. I added rows to make it longer otherwise it would have only fit a newborn, and only for about 1 week, they grow so fast!

Knit for Wool-Aid.

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Thrifty Thursday

This week I’ll tell you about the yarn I didn’t buy.  You save when you don’t spend right?  There are those who believe I have no willpower, there are those who believe I will buy any yarn or Pyrex I find at the thrift store.  Not so my friends.  Here is yarn I left behind over the past few weeks.

002 (2)Most of that bin of yarn was 100% wool.  It was $2 a skein.  A few years ago I would have bought it.  But, it was somewhat rough and it was very loosely plied.  I now know knitting with it would drive me crazy.  And I would have had to strand it with something softer.  No real deal there if it drives me nuts and I need to use better yarn to pretty it up.


No need to tell you why I didn’t buy this right?  LOL.


Now this yarn broke my heart a little.  From a distance, perfect!  Aran to bulky in weight, lovely cream color that would take to the dye pot so well, 100% wool for Wool-Aid….  But as I drew closer, egads, the stench!  I know if the yarn smells that bad, there is no washing that will improve it.  Nor do I want it in my house to try it.


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Naked or not?

Do you prefer your cake naked?


Or not?


This is Buttermilk Glazed Pumpkin Pound Cake.  Only it’s really not because I had a bit of leftover cream cheese frosting in the refrigerator from the last time I made carrot cake, so I used that instead for the glaze.

How did I come to make this cake?  I found a spiral notebook on my bookcase with lots of recipes I had cut out of magazines years ago.  This one is from Cooking Light, 2006.  So  a mere 8 years later, I finally made it!   They have you drain the canned pumpkin for 10 min before adding it in.  Wonder if that really made any difference to the final result.  You know how I dislike more dishes.  Also, they have you use paper towels in the draining process.  Which I did, although I usually try to use rags and dishtowels instead of paper towels.  I was afraid the pumpkin might stain a dish towel though, and I didn’t have any cheesecloth…   But I digress.  Cake was well received at work.  People said they liked it.  I thought it was good, but not a WOW, and not really any better than other recipes for pumpkin baked goods I have tried.  It does however use much less fat than any of those other recipes.


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Hat # 46


I’m not so happy with the results of this hat.The pattern is South End Knitters Hat.  It is  a free pattern.  Hat is extremely stretchy, so that the 96 stitch hat fits an adult, but is too short to turn up as designed. I would do another cable round ( or two) and then add another inch to ribbing if I were to knit it again. 13” when  not stretched, but fits my 22” head in width. Hat shown on my very petite niece who has a smallish head. Knit for Wool-Aid as part of my 50 hat pattern project.  I knit it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, so it is soft and will be warm.  I think it looks better not cuffed over.  But of course that is not the warmest way to wear it.   This hat took me months to knit as the 2 x 2 rib is boring, so I just kept putting it aside, only doing a few rows at a stretch.


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Thrifty Thursday

I was totally shocked and excited to find a yarn bowl at Goodwill.



I’m lucky it caught my eye, as I generally don’t look for pottery pieces.  It’s already been gifted to a deserving person.  I already have an awesome yarn bowl in lovely shades of blues and purples with a dragonfly imprinted on it.  I received it as a gift a couple of years ago.  I had long wanted one, but honestly thought that  it would be another item I decoratively liked, but I wouldn’t really use it.   But in my way of needing all the accoutrement   to go with whatever craft/project I am involved in, I still had to have one!   Surprisingly, I use it whenever I am knitting at home.  It really does help to keep the yarn where you want it!  Sure you could use a wicker basket or plastic container, but this does it in style, and the weighted base really keeps things from moving around on you.   It’s a great gift for the knitter in your life, especially if that is yourself!

The bowl I received as a gift is from Center Hill Clayworks , here is the Etsy link for her.   I must also confess, I loved mine so much I asked her to make me another one so I could have two!  The second one I have is 2 different shades of purple with a flower embossed on it.  So I have one in the living room and one in my office/craft room.  Greedy girl!   LOL.

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In The Garden

More Lilies!  Can never have enough lilies.    020

009024039029033And it’s daisy overload here.  These are daisies on steroids, they are waist height on me!



Some cone flower companions…008



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Thrifty Thursday

038039You can’t really beat a booklet of Lopi patterns for 39 cents can you!  Found at Savers.

And speaking of Lopi, my very last sweater that was on the needles has been completed.  This one took over 2 years to finish, mostly because it spent long stretches of time just sitting in a bag on the shelf.  I’m quite happy with the results.  Yes, it’s for Wool-Aid too.

025 - Copy

The pattern I used for this one was “thrifty” too, the awesome Angie was destashing some things and I luckily received a Lopi pattern book from her.  There are lots of great patterns in it.  This is the second Lopi sweater I’ve knit from it.



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Hat # 45 Dufton

Dufton is hat #45, closing in on 50 now!  Knit in Lambs Pride Bulky.  Big shock there huh?  This hat is seriously dense and warm.  Link to Ravelry pattern page here

027Yes, it’s for Wool-Aid.


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More Sweater Finishing


I started this one for the Ravellenic Games in 2012.  I finished the sweater before the games were done except for one small pesky problem.  It needed a zipper.  As you can see, no zipper.  I bought a zipper.  Lesson #1.  Take your sweater and zipper to the front of the store where there is natural light.  Because what you think is a perfect match, is not a perfect match.  Also, do not rip of the tag and trash it before you learn of this, because now you can’t return it.   Lesson #2, search blogs and Ravelry for the best way to sew on a zipper.  Think, hey it doesn’t sound too hard.  Foolish girl.   Lesson # 3, spend about an hour threading the sweater fronts onto blocking wires.  Then find out the wires are seriously in the way while you are trying to sew on the zipper.  Lesson #4,  Hate the way it is turning out, not even, a little buckling, rip out, try again, same results…. you know you are too OCD to even try this, so why did you?  Finally, be extra thankful you kept that half  hank of yarn left from the sweater, because now you are knitting button bands, and darn if you’re not happy to be doing it.  Luckily I  had buttons at home that were a good match ( bought at Goodwill in a bag of buttons).   And a mere 2 years and 4 months to finish a size 2-4 sweater!   Groan….

But, it’s another one to check off the New Years list!

Pattern is Children’s Bulky Neckdown Jacket by Diane Soucy of Knitting Pure And Simple.  I love her patterns and have knit many for Wool-Aid.  I knit it in Lamb’s Pride Superwash Bulky.  It is a strange ( but beautiful)  color  that is somewhere between blue and purple, depending on the light, hence the zipper problem!                                          30″ chest.  Knit for Wool-Aid.




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