Irish Soda Bread

Happy St Patrick’s Day! No, I’m not irish, but that didn’t stop me from making Irish Soda Bread to bring to work on Sunday. I am much more likely to bring treats on Sunday than Saturday, not sure why that is. Maybe because when I was a child Sunday was sometimes doughnut treat day? This is the recipe I used. I doubled it, and made 2 large breads and 1 tiny one in a 7″ pie plate ( to keep for me! ) I don’t think it is really traditional because there is sour cream in it. But it is good. Better with a bit of butter smeared on your piece, but not really necessary. I used less raisins ( used some currants too). 3 cups seems an awful lot for one bread. I also left out the caraway seeds as I didn’t have any.



Americana Pyrex!  I am such a messy baker.   Why the strainer?  I let the currants/raisins soak and needed to drain them.  See, Tupperware, Pyrex, and Kitchen Aid mixer, and a glimpse of vintage linen dishcloth in the same shot, so many things I love!


Into the I need cleaning so badly oven….

Finished product.


And my little bread


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