Thrifty Thursday


I’ve had some Pyrex luck lately. Three, yes three fridgies in the same day! One at Savers and two at Goodwill, and one even had a cover! I have actually never seen a red fridgie in good shape before, and this one still has a glossy finish. Happy me! I like to use a fridgie near my sink to hold my sponge.

When I see pictures of Pyrex on Pinterest that are all color coordinated I think they are so pretty. But I just don’t see myself only collecting one set. I have the most in Spring Blossom, that seems to be pretty easy to find, and it does match my kitchen. But if I had to pick, I wouldn’t say it was my favorite set. Then I see other pictures and people collect one type of pyrex, for example fridgies or a certain size casserole and have it in lots of patterns. That looks really cool too. Me, if I like it and it is the right price I buy it. If I really, really like it sometimes the price doesn’t have to be so perfect. But so far I have avoided buying any pieces on Ebay or Etsy. The shipping is pretty expensive, and there is such a happy feeling to finding it yourself in the wild so to speak.

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