Thanksgiving Baking

What did you bake for Thanksgiving?

I took three pies, a batch of chocolate chip brownies ( Ian and Deb don’t like pie) and lots and lots of banana bread to my aunt’s house.


Crusts all ready for filling.  Do I make my own crust?  Honestly no.  I really do not enjoy the pie crust experience, it rarely goes well for me.  I gave up years ago.  For me the whole point to a pie is the filling.  I make a chocolate cream pie every year, it is always 100% gone.  Me?  I’d rather just have chocolate pudding.

I filled the crusts with  #1, chocolate, #2 pecan #3 pumpkin.

All set on the porch just waiting for my ride, ready to go.  I could have driven myself, but this way I could have a designated driver!  And wine, lots of wine….

Have to satisfy both the real cream and the Cool Whip people.




Tortilla chips ( and other yummy snacks underneath) were for my niece to take back to college with her.

My aunt and mother both complained that I made too much banana bread.  Is that even a thing?  Too much banana bread?  I don’t think so!  I made it for people to take home with them, not for dessert.  Zachary said he was going to make french toast with his the next morning.  Yum!

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Baking

  1. Kim says:

    Ian doesn’t like pie?!?! What’s wrong with that kid… Also, TOO much banana bread?! No such thing. Sheesh. Clearly you should be my aunt, because I would appreciate all your yummy baked goods! 😉

  2. Sue says:

    Never too much…we have the empty containers to prove it!

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