Thrifty Thursday It’s Yarn!



Despite the recent post about the New England Fiber Fest, overall I have been very restrained about yarn purchases throughout the whole year. My “yarn out” yardage is greater than my “yarn in” yardage for 2014. The three boxes I shipped to Wool-Aid in Oct contained 9 sweaters, 1 vest, 12 pairs of mittens, and 73 hats. I had another 9 hats to ship but they wouldn’t fit, so I decided to save them for the next box.

I went to Webs last week. I had not been there in a couple months and wanted some Malabrigo Rasta for a cowl. More on that project later. In the warehouse there is a shelf of discounted yarns. Of course the whole warehouse is shelves of discounted yarns…LOL. But these skeins are extra extra marked down, maybe with no label, or the last skein of a color. I’ve gotten some pretty good deals off this shelf in the past.

This time I found Tahki Yarns Jackson. 100% wool, retails for $10 a cake. It was marked down to $2.50 a cake. So I bought 10 cakes for $25.00. Full price retail? $100. Ravelry has this yarn listed as a superbulky. At 131 yards/100 grams it looks more like a regular bulky to me. My plan? Probably hats, except for the black/magenta ones, I have 4 cakes of that and I think I can knit a small sweater or vest with that color.

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