How to dye yarn with Kool-Aid, Lesson Three

There are so many things I like about knitting for Wool-Aid. There’s the gauge doesn’t really matter thing, the helping cold kids thing, the it’ll fit somebody thing…. Another reason I like it  is whatever you knit, it is sure to please someone. I mean, I love bright hot Barbie pink, others love earth tones… But honestly, even though I know somewhere there is a child who would like this hat, to me it is just plain ugly. Pale light blue is one of my least favorite colors, maybe that’s why I dislike it so much. It was one of those yarns that looked way better in the skein than knit up.

Luckily there is Kool-Aid. To me dyeing over an already knit project is a bit risky. What if the color doesn’t uptake well in all areas? I probably wouldn’t try it on a sweater, but a hat? What’s to lose?

Just like when you dye with your yarn in a hank, you need to soak it first.  I let the hat sit in a bowl of water for about and hour.  Sure I could have used my sink, if it was clean…





Recognize my generic bargain Kool-Aid from a past Thrifty Thursday post?  Cost for  these two packages was about 12 cents.  Full price Kool-Aid, why that would have cost at least 40 cents!  LOL.026


I could have taken the  hat out of the bowl and just microwaved the whole bowl with the same water.  That would have been the environmentally correct thing to do.  But I did not think lifting a bowl of extremely hot water from my microwave was a sound idea.  So I dumped the water ( my plants were already freshly watered otherwise I guess I could have dumped it on them) and instead heated fresh water in my tea kettle.  A better idea would have been to soak the hat in a pot I could heat the water in on the stove top.  Live and learn.

Then I poured the almost boiling water into the bow and dissolved the 2 packets of Kool-Aid in the water. Remember to stand back a bit.   The hat weighed about 70 grams, I decided on 2 packets.  Once the powder was dissolved I placed the hat flat in the bowl.  028

Gently swish the hat about from time to time.  029

An interesting thing to note about dyes, often one color exhausts before another.  As you can see, the red is absorbed but the blue has not yet been absorbed.  Often with Kool-Aid the absorption is so quick you can’t really see that.  What red?  Remember grade school?  Red plus blue makes purple.   033For some odd reason the dye never completely exhausted.  I was left with a very, very pale blue, not the cloudy white liquid that is the usual remains of Kool-Aid dyeing.

Let the hat cool in the liquid or carefully remove and let sit and drain in the sink.  You don’t want to handle the hat too much now, remember temperature change plus agitation equals felting.  Do not take your super hot hat and rinse it vigorously in cold water.   After it has cooled then rinse and let dry.

Final product.  A BIG improvement right?



This hat was part of my mother daughter Scarlet project.  I started the hats with my stash, mom knit on them until the decreases and then I finished them.  We knit 28 hats this year this way, all with partials/scraps from my stash!  All the hats went to Wool-Aid.

Here’s a pic of them.



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