Thrifty Thursday

I have had so many excellent finds lately I feel I need to start my Thrifty Thursday posts again.  First up, yarn!  Bet you thought I was going to say Pyrex right?

I bought 3 cakes of Valley Yarns Northfield at Savers for $2.10.  Retail price for 3 cakes $17.97.  It’s a lovely DK weight, 70% Merino, 20% baby alpaca and 10% silk.  I may have never bought it at Webs.  Certainly not for charity knitting.  So glad I got to try it!  I knit 2 hats for $2.10 to donate to Wool-Aid.  I held the yarn doubled throughout.  It’s super soft and squishy.  I used Clairvoyance Designs pattern One Trick Pony ( available on Ravelry)  and added some texture to the top.  It’s a  free pattern.  These are actually my 5th and 6th ponies!



At Savers they had a partial skein of Red Heart priced higher than a package of 2 cakes of this yarn.   My luck!  Yeah!  But crazy huh?

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