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Thrifty Thursday

I have had so many excellent finds lately I feel I need to start my Thrifty Thursday posts again.  First up, yarn!  Bet you thought I was going to say Pyrex right? I bought 3 cakes of Valley Yarns Northfield … Continue reading

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The Front Yard Garden

I know it’s been months since I blogged.  I am going to start up with my thrifty Thursdays posts again as I have found much to share! Today I’ll share some of the beauty from my front yard flower beds.

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Thrift Thursday Sad News

This was my favorite Goodwill.  It was on the same street as my library.  Horrible news-they closed it last month.  It has seriously thrown off my thrifting mojo.  Now there are plenty  other thrift stores nearby… but it’s just not … Continue reading

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A new motto to go by for 2015?  Thanks again Claudia, this was a birthday gift this year. These  were not arranged, honestly, the yolks just landed there. Shocked face…. Happy face…. I don’t remember what I was baking when … Continue reading

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Christmas Treats, Cinnamon Pecans

There are many recipes for these nuts on the internet.  I have made a few over the years, and this is what my recipe has evolved into. Final product?  Delicious!  My family was fighting over these this year.   I … Continue reading

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Christmas Cactus

It’s a Christmas miracle, my two Christmas Cacti both had blooms on them for Christmas this year. I’ve had both plants for over 10 years, But I think this is the first time they have actually bloomed for Christmas. As … Continue reading

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Thrifty Thursday Pyrex Sightings

Pyrex I left behind.  Yes it does happen! This pattern is Gold Acorn, I do have one piece in this pattern, I don’t know the name of this pattern.  Does anyone?  I do have the bottom of the sugar bowl … Continue reading

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How to dye yarn with Kool-Aid, Lesson Three

There are so many things I like about knitting for Wool-Aid. There’s the gauge doesn’t really matter thing, the helping cold kids thing, the it’ll fit somebody thing…. Another reason I like it  is whatever you knit, it is sure … Continue reading

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Thrifty Thursday It’s Yarn!

  Despite the recent post about the New England Fiber Fest, overall I have been very restrained about yarn purchases throughout the whole year. My “yarn out” yardage is greater than my “yarn in” yardage for 2014. The three boxes … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Baking

What did you bake for Thanksgiving? I took three pies, a batch of chocolate chip brownies ( Ian and Deb don’t like pie) and lots and lots of banana bread to my aunt’s house. Crusts all ready for filling.  Do … Continue reading

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