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A new motto to go by for 2015?  Thanks again Claudia, this was a birthday gift this year. These  were not arranged, honestly, the yolks just landed there. Shocked face…. Happy face…. I don’t remember what I was baking when … Continue reading

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Oven Roasted Beets

I bought some beets at the farm stand.  I’d never roasted them before so wanted to give it a try.  Problem is, when I googled it, all the recipes instructed you to peel them after they were roasted, most had … Continue reading

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What I baked for Mother’s Day, Coffee Cakes

 Here’s the picture that started a search for peach pie filling. I work with someone who loves peach baked goods. I saw this in a Taste of Home cookbook I had taken out of the library. But then could I find … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Sauce

So what did I do this weekend? Among other things ( which did not include the Webs tent sale) I made sausage spaghetti sauce. My fingers still smell like garlic…  This recipe told you to cook your sausages with the … Continue reading

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Thrifty Thursday Or, How Cheap Am I?

So cheap I don’t throw out the pickle liquid!  My aunt taught me this trick.   She does it with cucumbers to get half sour pickles. I bought a jar of delicious Claussen pickles.  Sadly, within a week, no more pickles.    … Continue reading

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Looking for a quick dinner?

I found this recipe for tuna in red pepper sauce on All Recipes quite a while ago. With some changes it has become a go to, quick, easy, have all the ingredients in the pantry dish for me many … Continue reading

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Panera Mac and Cheese

Carolyn pinned this on Pinterest and I had to try it, despite the approximately 1,000 fat grams per serving.   Here’s my finished dinner.  I’ve never had mac and cheese at Panera-so I can’t compare it to theirs.  I’m more … Continue reading

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It’s #7, Shroom

I just liked the name so I wanted to knit it. Actually I thought it would look super stylish on Ashley-with her great hair she can really rock the hats.  A start on some Christmas knitting.  I’ve had this on … Continue reading

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